SCRIP online

SCRIP has been used for many years by parents and families to pay for tuition and provide scholarships for students.  Gift cards from vendors are purchased with cash and then used whenever a purchase is made.  A portion of the total amount is credited to an account that you set up in your child's name.  In July of each year the total amount of your credit or rebate is added up and applied toward tuition or whatever you want the money to be used for.

Families love to use SCRIP because of the savings on tuition and the convenience of using the cards.

SCRIP can be purchased during the school day or at Economy Feed Mill in Bloomington.  Families are welcome to set up purchasing SCRIP online.  To set up an account go to

If you have an account sign in.  If you need to set up an account click "Get Started"
Once you are signed in you will enter a code for St. Mary's in Bloomington.

You can pay for SCRIP online with a credit or debit card.

This is an easy way to involve the whole family and to make tuition affordable for children at St. Mary's.
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